Here’s what you need to know.  I started THIS SITE –  fifteen years ago, when I lived in L.A. and was very close to the entertainment capital of the world. But then I paused the blog so that I could write a few novels. Which I have and now working on revisions. But I realized, while in lockdown, that all I do now is watch movies, at least one a night and sometimes I feel like I am running out of movies watch, and I know you probably feel the same – until I stumbled upon another one I’d recommend.

So, here’s to reviving this blog, which is an enhanced version of the old one here and since I don’t want to lose the history on either place and seem to be having issues merging without losing. I decided to provide you with a link to read the old and sign up for this one to read the new.

I encourage participation so please feel free to share you opinion about the films and ones you recommend and remember kindness gets you everywhere.


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