Defiance – Opens 01/16/09

Cast: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber. Director: Edward Swicky

A story about four Jewish brothers, determined to save the Jews during the German occupation of Poland, move approximately 1200 Jews into the Forrest. Although the brothers fight for the same cause, one goes off to fight frontline with the Russians while the other decides to do it through establishing a community and teaching the people to never give up. This movie, although a bit long, is a refreshing take on the Holocaust and Jewish Diaspora. It focuses more on how some Jews stood up and fought rather than give up and let faith take its course. Craig’s and Schreiber’s performance is definitely worth a nod and of course the movie will be in the top ten for a while. The violence is not as bad as most critics have claimed, its controlled and well balanced throughout the movie. A must see for sure.

One reply to “Defiance – Opens 01/16/09

  1. I thought this movie was pretty good. However, a bit confusing. There were times I wasn't sure if they were Jewish or German. It was a bit long and a little hard to stay focused. But the story was great and Craig and Liev did a great job.

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