Nights In Rodanthe – DVD Not

I rented Nights In Rodanthe the other night, not because I was dying to see it, but rather just so I can put in my two cents worth. I hate to admit I was right, but the movie was probably the worst I have seen in a while. Although I am a fan of Diane Lane, I just did not understand why she picked such a poor movie to be part of? From the beginning to the end I did not feel the chemistry between Gere and Lane at all. Even tho these two were matched up in 2003 for the movie Unfaithful, someone figured they needed to remind us with Nights In Rodanthe how much these two should not make a movie together. Gere was pretty dry and transparent in the movie and Lane was unapealing as well. The movie touched up on many topics in life, from divorce, parenting, love, hate, children, a storm, death during a plastic surgery, lawsuit, horses running on the beach, but it had trouble tying them into a well relayed story. It was as if director George Wolfe did not know where to go with each topic. I kept looking at my watch, hoping it would end soon and lost interest on so many levels that I kept having to rewind just to understand anything. I do not recommend this movie unfortunately.

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