A Good Year – DVD Weekend Recommendation

A Good Year was released in 2006 and is now available on DVD. Russell Crow, Albert Finney and at the time a new import into the US, Marion Cotillard , are some of the talented actors who took part in this project. This is a great movie for those dreamers out there who wish they could just throw in the towel on their corporate life and follow a passion instead. Crow plays the role of Max Skinner, a cut throat British investment broker who finds out his beloved uncle, played by Finney, had died in Provence, leaving him his chateau and winery to do as he wishes with it. Max decides to take only two days out of his busy schedule to go to France and wrap up business by selling the winery and returning to his job in London. While in Provence he is faced with many obstacles which force him to spend a week at the Chateau. During his stay, he reminisces of his childhood summer days spent with his uncle learning about wine making, making it more and more difficult to give up the property. Meanwhile he runs into a beautiful Parisian woman, played by Cotillard, who adds a bit of challenge to his stay. To make matters worse, a young American tourist, played by Abbie Cornish, drops by in hopes of connecting with her biological father. As the plot thickens, Skinner is faced with a crucial decision which could affect his entire life. I suggest you rent the movie with a significant other and don’t forget a bottle or two of your favorite wine to add to the ambiance.

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