The Mother – On Comcast

Currently playing on Comcast ->on Demand -> under free movies – is The Mother. This is a story about a suburban elderly woman, who’s husband dies unexpectedly while they are visiting their grown children in London, and how she copes with her loss thereafter. Although I am a huge fan of British film because of their “no holds bar” approach to movie making, I was disturbed and sickened by the chain of events which unfold in this particular story. Roger Mitchell’s (director) attention to detail is evident in this film as he leaves nothing to the imagination and no questions unanswered or unresolved. He uses the silent movie approach with his characters, the less they say the more they relay.
In the opening scene, Mitchell, does a wonderful job illustrating to us the struggles the elderly couple is faced with while travelling to London to visit their adult children. He goes through the motion of them packing, travelling by train, walking for miles, or so it seems, and hauling their luugages, in an effort to get to their son’s home with minimal distruption to their children’s busy schedules. Upon their arrival, they are greeted by negative reaction from their daughter-in-law and grandchildren because they had arrived earlier than planned. And although the children express their anxiety around their elderly parents, they gather together nonetheless to have a welcome family dinner.
Immediately after dinner the husband, played by Peter Vaughan, dies of a heart attack, leaving his wife (Anne Reid) stranded in London and at the mercy of their children’s hands. Within a few days of his father’s passing the son prepares to ship his mother off to her suburban life, when she begs to stay in London to be close to her family for moral support and companionship. As the weeks go by she tries to reconnect with her children and discovers their resentment towards her is far greater than their love. As a result of her personal journey to a disappointing discovery, she turns to a younger man (played by Daniel Craig), who her daughter is shagging, for comfort and affection. As the plot thickens, the family unravels at the seams and the outcome as a result of it is painful and heartbreaking for one person only in particular.

Although, the movie is a bit disturbing, it is worth watching. Beware however, it contains graphic adult content.

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