Knowing – 3/20/09

As I watched the trailer and read the synopsis as well as various articles regarding this movie, I couldn’t help myself but think how cliche this movie is. The story is about a time capsule discovered 50 years after it was stored in 1953, at an elementary school site, which contained a document with numerical codes detailing terrifying predictions about the future. Ironically, the document falls into the hands of a scientist’s son in 2003, who asks his father to decode the document. As the professor/scientist, played by Nicholas Cage, unravels the code and the mystery behind the document, he vows to his son that he would do everything in his power to stop the predictions from happening.

The problem with these movies, although entertaining, is that they are all the same. Discovering a crisis, time frame to resolve the crisis and one man’s fight to put an end to it. We saw it with Will Smith in I,Robot, and Jake Gyllenhaal in the Day After Tomorrow (2004) and Tom Cruise in War of The Worlds (2005), just to name a few. It is unrealistic and annoying to imply that one man is capable of knowing all the answers and is able to single handedly “never let the crisis happen”. Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne (Damages) as well as many unknown actors take part in this movie directed by Alex Proyas (I, Robot).

This movie may very well be a hit at the box office opening week. I would however recommend waiting for DVD rental.

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