Amreeka was awarded The Sundance Film Festival Official Selection Seal in January this year and since then has been getting great reviews. Anyone who has immigrated to America when they were old enough to remember, can appreciate this movie because it is a humorous take on the challenges of coming to America, fitting in, looking back at old traditions and adjusting to a new life, while learning the language and adapting to a new culture.

What makes this movie stand out is that it’s based on a couragous single mother, who sacrifices everything in her homeland, to come to America in order to give her teenage son the opportunities in life that are far too few in Palestian.

I think Cherien Dabis (Director/writer) did an amazing job documenting the ups and downs of being an immigrant in America, as well as telling her story through humor and with pridictable yet minimal controversy. I do believe this movie has the potential to become the International Film wonder of 2009 should they get the proper distribution and target audience.

****A Must See

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