Introduction To Marion Cotillard

After watching A Good Year in 2006, I was completely intrigued by the French actress, Marion Cottilard who portrayed Russell Crow’s love interest, Fanny Chenal. Not only she had significant camera presence but in my opinion possessed great talent, which I was hopeful Hollywood would pick up on.
In 2007, a movie about Edith Piaf’s (a very influential French singer from 1925 -1963)life story, La Vie En Rose, was released with limited engagement and showings in the US. I was immediately drawn to the movie because I am a fan of the great singer and more so because I wanted to see Marion Cotillard’s portrayal of Piaf. Without fail, she nailed the part and I walked away from the theatre noting that her performance was Oscar worthy and certainly deserved a nomination at the very least.
In 2008, Cotillard won the BAFTA(British) and Cesar (French) awards, which are equivalent to the Oscars, she won the Golden Globes, and also the Oscar for Best Actress category for her portrayal of Edith Piaf. Soon thereafter, in addition to her busy schedule in France, she signed on to take part in the following upcoming movies and project in the U.S.: Public Enemies with Johnny Depp(opens July 1, 2009), Nine (Currently filming) and is in talks to take part in Christopher Nolan’s project “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the next year.

Since I am certain we won’t be seeing the last of Cottilard anytime soon, I suggest the following rentals to familiarize yourself with this new import, who will no doubt soon to be an A-lister, into the United States. Suggested Rentals: A Good Year, La Vie En Rose

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