Eat, Pray, Love Project and Julia Roberts

Finally, after much anticipation ,especially on my part, it was announced today that the long awaited movie project Eat, Pray, Love is almost underway. Although a year ago, it was rumored Julia Roberts had signed on to play the infamous author, Elizabeth Gilbert, the simple fact I hadn’t heard more about it worried me. Nonetheless, the wheels are now in motion and filming is scheduled for July 2009 in New York, Rome, India and Indonesia.

The story is about a woman who at the age of 32 discovers the ideal life she was living – marriage, a promising career and attempts at getting pregnant was not what she wanted all along. So, she divorces husband, quits her job and travels the world for an entire year in an effort to find herself through food, prayers and ultimately love.

The book is probably one of the best books I have ever read and as a result of it, I am very excited that it will be on film soon. Roberts is the right choice to play Gilbert under the Plan B umbrella, but I think Aniston would have been more suited for this particular role. Another casting concern in my opinion is that of Richard Jenkins, who is slotted to play the most crucial supporting role, the Texan who Gilbert befriends in an Indian ashram. I think he is too soft and clean cut to portray a Texan in search of balance in his life.

The movie was purchased by Paramount Studios, Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner are producing under Plan B. and Ryan Murphy(Nip/Tuck) will direct. I am certain this movie will have the same impact at the box office as Sex In The City because of the book. Stay tuned for more details.

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