Kiera Knightley – My Fair Lady

Yet another disturbing news coming to us from Hollywoodland. Kiera Knightley is in talks with Columbia pictures about playing the lead role of Eliza Doolittle in the remake of My Fair Lady. Duncan Kenworthy (Love Actually, Notting Hill) is also scheduled to produce along with London theatrical producer Cameron Mackintosh. The project will retain its 1912 setting and use the original musical score as well.

I am not saying that Ms. Knightley is not a talented actress nor is she not best suited for the role of Eliza, should the negotiations be finalized. I am just saying that I don’t like remakes much less masterpiece remakes with today’s actors, because I don’t feel they possess the necessary qualities to better the role. Hollywood classic films and actors had a certain “pre-eminence” and that sort of thing is really difficult to duplicate.

I also feel by re-making a classic to reach a new level of audience or movie goers sometimes does not work out for the best. It would be much better to train the young movie goers to appreicate classics as they should be – classics.

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