Gamer – Gerard Butler 09.04.09

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s latest action movie has a new name (from Game to Citizen Game to Gamer), a new poster, and a new trailer. I’m not surprised, this movie has been in production for quite a while now, so anything goes. From what I have seen so far the movie is a cross between The Running Man, Death Race, Escape from New York, and Gladiator with a hint of Blade Runner. Wow!

The actor who stands out the most is none other than Gerard Butler, who after making a handful of chick flicks, returns to his “Leonidas” status quo for this one. As usual he gives his best as a modern day warrior, fighting shirtless to ensure he reaches the masses no matter how boring the story line may be.

The story is about a game called “Slayer” (cough – World of Warcraft) which allows players to act out their innermost desires and fantasies with the use of slayers through mind control. Butler is Kable who is controlled by a young player named Simon, who strategically able to lead Kable into each level closer to victory. Kable’s plan is to survive the game in order to gain his identity, free his family and save mankind.

Alongside Butler, is Michael C. Hal, Logan Lerman, Chris “Ludacris, Bridges, John Leguizamo, Amber Valetta, and a quick shot of Kyra Sedgwick. The movie is scheduled for release 9.4.09 but that can change.

I watched the video about three times and although I have seen and liked all the movies I listed above as a guidline to what this movie reminded me of, I am undecided about seeing Gamer. Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think?

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