Time Traveler’s Wife – August 14, 2009


On the fence on this one and I will tell you why?

The movie is based on the best-selling book by Audrey Niffeneger, who at the time she was writing the book invisioned turning it into a movie. Good for her, it was a smart vision and to her positive thinking the movie after being shelved for one year has resurrected and is now scheduled to open nationwide on August 14th depending on which site you visit.

The story is about a time-traveler (Eric Bana)with a genetic disorder, which causes him to disappear from his life on and off without knowing when he will return. He meets a beautiful little girl, then throughout his appearances grows to fall in love with her and through their marriage and life he is gone uncontrollably. Meanwhile his wife, Clare (Rachel McAdams) spends her entire life waiting on him as she takes care of her family. (It sounds like the life of a truck driver or a fishermen to me all mixed up with Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons)

Anyway, all jokes aside, two thing I have a hard time relating to: first the book being a best seller and second I don’t understand why a woman would put up with such a life in this day and age? Like I said this one is a sleeper in my opinion and I see a very quick DVD release. Sorry.

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