John Grisham – The Testament Film Project

John Grisham’s book,The Testament is currently in the final stages of being turned into a movie after ten years of going back and forth.

The bestseller novel is about a billionaire who defies his greedy relatives by leaving his $11 billion fortune to an illegitimate daughter, who is doing charity work in the Brazilian wetlands. As a result of the will and the relative’s challenge, the daugher hires a lawyer to helps battle her relatives over the fortune.

The last time Grisham sold his book rights was “A Time to Kill” to Warner Brother for a handsome $6Million. According to Variety Magazine no studio ever pays that much anymore for book rights but Grisham is due a good six figures should the movie do well at the box office.

In addition to this new deal, Grisham will have the rights to provide creative input, this was a problem for him in the past and as a result has caused to decline prior proposal.

Anyway, the wheels are in motion and I am confident with the proper script this movie will do well since Grisham’s fans are anxiously waiting for the film to take form.

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