Table For Three – on DVD

Now here is a movie that surprised me, which in itself makes for a good movie. The story of a heartbroken young man, Scott (Brandon Routh) who was recently dumped by his girlfriend and abandoned by his roommate, decides to search for a new roommate to fill his void.

After interviewing several applicants, he comes across and agrees to rent the room to a corky couple, Mary and Ryan(Sophia Bush and Jesse Bradford) because they seemed sympathetic to his relationship woes during the interview process.

As the couple settle in and nearly take over his apartment and spend every minute of their free time with Scott, he begins to feel their co-dependency but ignores it until he meets Leslie (Jennifer Morrison) and decide to date her.

During his courtship, Mary and Ryan do everything in their power to jeopardize his attempts to impress Leslie (who is often referred to as Lisa in the movie) and pretty much go to any length to drive her away. They succeed and as a result Scott decides to distance himself from the aggressive, pushy, meddling couple but instead finds himself in more trouble without their entanglement in his life.

Meanwhile, unable to allow their friend to go down the same road before they got into his life, Mary and Ryan offer their final services to Scott by searching for Leslie and repairing their wrongdoing and in return Scott vows to help the couple cope with their relationship “issues” in order to stop their obsessive behaviors.

The funny thing is the movie, as you start to watch it seems boring and the fact the film lacks quality screenwriting, offers poor directorial debut and looks pulled together on a very low low budget, as well as appear pretty unglamorous based on Hollywood standards, writer/director Michael Samonek’s is able to create an interesting enough story to keep you hooked until the very end.

Sophia Bush in my opinion steals the entire movie and the dialogue between her and Jesse Bradford is the most entertaining and annoyingly realistic from couples of that nature. The rest of the cast was most unappealing and flat and at times difficult to watch or digest. However, the entire casts chemistry seems to work well together.

The movie is a romantic comedy and I do highly recommend it on DVD if not for anything but to watch Sophia Bush at her best.

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