Death In Love – Opens 7/17/09 – Rated R

Here is another movie that I recommend, which is along the same lines as “Defiance” and “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas”, in that the focal point is not so much the Holocaust, but rather the lives of those affected by it afterwards.

The story is about a woman (Jacqueline Bisset), who along with her two sons, manage to survive through the Nazi concentration camp by seducing the doctor who carried out experimental surgeries on the prisoners.

Years later she moves to New York with her grown sons only to live through the impact of what she had done in the concentration camp to survive. The older son (Josh Lucas) works at a fraudulent modeling agency which profits from fame seekers. His sexual escapades act as a barrier to the outside world and just when he is on the verge of giving up, he meets a young man (Adam Brody) that changes his life forever. Meanwhile the mother and the younger son (Lukas Haas) struggle with self identity and belonging in society and are constantly haunted by the events of the past.

Writer/director Boaz Yakin(Remember the Titans) takes us through a disturbing journey of a family’s survival post the holocaust through a provacative psychosexual tale. The movie is limited showing and is rated R for graphic contents.

Check your local listings.

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