Colin Farrell – In Review

Now here is a talented actor, who has been quiet busy this year filming some interesting projects. But before I discuss the upcoming projects, I want to mention the fact, this truly talented lad has, as we all know, had his share of ups and downs through the coarse of his career.

I first saw Farrell in Phone Booth back in 2002 and instantly felt he had amazing potential, and then I saw him again in the movie Recruit in 2003 and although he lived up to his full potential, the movie itself wasn’t worth a dime. I begin following his project because I appreciated his talent, believe it or not. However, the next sequence of projects SWAT, Alexander, The New World, Miami Vice (four bad choices in my opinion) not only did not do well at the box office, but during this time, Farrell’s personal issues got in the way of his performance and “demandabilty” (if there is such a word). By now you could imagine my disappointment that a truly talented actor was becoming another casualty of stardom at the prime of his career.

But then, in 2008 with the movie In Bruges, Farrell was able to redeem himself with his award winning performance and in my opinion officially made his comeback. Farrell currently has 7 projects in 2009-2010 from which I can project four will be added to his best work list. They are:

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus: Opens 16-Oct-09 – where he takes on the 3rd transformation of Heath Ledger’s role prior to his death.

Triage, Opens 29-Sep-09 in Italy – Foreign Film. I am hopeful we can get a glimpse of it here in the states.

The Way Back: scheduled for release 2010. About a soldier who escapes a Siberian gulag in 1940.

London Boulevard: scheduled for September 2010 in UK. About an ex con becoming involved with a reclusive actress.

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