Law Abiding Citizen – Gerard Butler

Finally a trailer for Gerard Butler’s Law Abiding Citizen for our viewing pleasure. Although, the movie release date of October 2009 in my opinion is too soon as they were just filming February 2009.

Anyway, the interesting thing about this movie is that this is Gerard Butler’s first project under his production company THE EVIL TWIN and based on what I see so far, it’s a pretty reasonable investment. Although the project had many ups and downs with script changes, director changes, role changes between Butler and Foxx, the final outcome seems colorful enough.

Here is the thing, I prefer to see Butler in a comedy but I know he is able to handle drama and I think dabbling in a thriller is a good stretch for this A-lister as well. However, the story has a familiar tune, it’s the story about a husband gone wild after he witnesses the brutal killings of his family members during a burglary, I am hopeful that the plot is alot more intense and delivers a cutting edge ending because the trailer gives too much away and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Anyway, congrats to Butler for his first film. Let’s see how well it is received by the critics.

One reply to “Law Abiding Citizen – Gerard Butler

  1. It will be a good change to see Mr. Butler do something other then try to be cute in all the chick flicks he's made. We'll see if he does a good job or if he can switch his acting into a different character…

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