Shrink – Post View Analysis

I want to point out that alot can be learned from a photograph, because it captures its subject matter in the most vulnerable way, exposing every aspect of their flaws without their consent. This photograph of a scene from the movie Shrink sums up what the entire movie is about in the best way possible.

Talented Kevin Spacey takes on the role of Dr. Henry Carter, a shrink to Hollywood’s finest celebrity, and a troubled shrink himself (of course to no one’s surprise). What seems to set his problems apart from most shrinks is his inability to cope with his wife’s suicide.

As a result, Dr. Carter turns to drugs to help him cope with his pain and suffering rather than seek help himself from another shrink. However, as his family discovers his addiction and decides to intervene, Carter’s father suggests he take on a pro bono case and help a troubled young girl named Jemma (Keke Palmer)with similar problems, as a way of therapy for his son.

The remainder of the movie exposes the dark places any human being is capable of going if they do not recognize their addictions and seek help. Director Jonas Pate takes us on the challenge of introducing us to characters which Dr. Carter’s addiction impacts and vice versa, including the very young girl he is trying to save. Throughout this process of storytelling, the very characters who’s lives intertwine with and are impacted by Carter’s actions, find their way into each other’s lives as well, and through natural courses help one another find their means to happiness without consulting with a shrink first.

Creative to say the least, intense to say the most. Kevin Spacey gives an amazing performance even though his character is reminiscing of his role as Lester Burnham in American Beauty (1999). A good movie to see but not a must in my opinion.

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