2012 – Movie Review

Yes I saw it, even tho I said I wouldn’t, I did anyway. Without giving away too much information about myself, I want to say that the image in this poster is the exact image from my dreams in the late 90’s. I had the same dream over and over again two to three times a week for about 5 years, so when I saw this poster, I was shocked to see something that was so vivid in my dreams was on print a decade later. This, I thought was enough justification to see the movie.

As stated in many film review sites and newspapers and TV shows, this movie is full of action and interesting special effects and it does leave you at the edge of your seat. Yes, I agree it did all that plus more and a little less I might say and here is why.

The more is that if you are a true believer, that the world is coming to an end, this movie will impact you tremendously and leave you in fear, but if you are a sceptic and a critic, this movie can be most disappointing.

Since we all understand the former, lets review the later. There were alot of stunts and interesting action which in the real world were not possible to obtain: From Cusack’s character driving through the streets as the world around him disintegrated. To the plane being flown between high rise buildings by an amateur pilot and then crashing while under the control of a seasoned pilot. Having only 14 minutes remaining to secure the Ark before the floods hit, the chief staff and scientist are able to engage in an argument, take a vote between the various heads of states as to whether or not to open the gates to let thousands of stranded individuals on board the American Ark and doing so as a result of majority vote. Being able to maneuver the Ark away from Mt. Everest in the middle of an uncontrollable flood, to avoid collision at the peak, while travelling at a high speed. The list is endless to say the least but I watched it along with a packed theatre and enjoyed every bit of it and walked out freaking out no less.

Overall, you must watch the movie for what it’s worth and not read too much into it. It is very entertaining, humorous and no doubt controversial, and 2hours and 22 minutes can seem a tad long but I understood the reasons behind the choice director Roland Emmerich made in creating a memorable phenomenon for 2009.

One reply to “2012 – Movie Review

  1. I have seen a lot of “the end of the world movies” in the past and they all have the same thing in common… the world doesn’t end… go figure. Well after the catastrophe in the movie is done, it may be a different world than what we are used to but it really never ends. So, about 2012 I can say that they used an excellent idea regarding how they would survive the catastrophic events happening. The idea is new in these type of movies; but taken from one of the oldest books known to us. Go see it!

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