Blind Side – Post Viewing Review

Since the movie Blind Side has been on the movie charts in the top three position for a while now, I decided to see what the fuss was all about. I took a sports fanatic with me to ensure I covered my basis and understood everything about football so not to judge so quickly should I be disappointed with the movie.

In my opinion, the movie was a chick flick even though it was about a football player. I didn’t realize that would be the case, but that’s okay. And, the story seemed important enough to relay in cinema, I suppose. And the contents should shed some light around America, if that was the message we were to get from the movie. But after “peeling back the onion” (see the movie to understand), I was not too impressed nor felt as if this story was necessary to tell at all.

The only thing I got from the movie, is that it gave Sandra Bullock an opportunity to show us what she is really made of and the respect her work deserves past comedy. But even then, if I had to nit pick, her performance was robotic and Stepford Wive-ish to say the least.

The script could have also used some improvement: “Do you have any place to stay tonight?” right after Big Mike states he was going to stay in the gym because it was warm. “Didn’t your mother read to you, Michael?” right after it was common knowledge he came from a broken home and had a crackhead Mother.

But, the movie is in number one position right now at the box office and continues to get good reviews (or has a strong marketing and advertising backing) so if you have seen all the rest of the movies out now, I guess you have no choice but to see Blind Side, until Friday that is…

2 replies to “Blind Side – Post Viewing Review

  1. I too was not impressed by how this would be inspirational movie was presented, I am absolutly sure the life story of this young man could inspire many but not the way it was filmed. The acting was dry and I never related to any of the characters. I was not inspired.

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