A Single Man – Pre Viewing


Some good old fashion news about a gifted and talented actor, Colin Firth who stars in a movie titled A Single Man. This is the story of a closeted gay man in 1962, who tries to find meaning to his life after the death of his partner.

I am going to take a moment first to acknowledge the fact the production design for The Single Man is done by the same team as Mad Men, which in itself would be amazing to see and enjoy.

Second, the story is based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood with the same title and directed by Tom Ford. The movie was shown at various film festivals around the world and it got mixed reviews about the contents and substance of the movie. However, no matter how divided critics are about the film, everyone is in agreement, including myself, that Colin Firth’s performance is Oscar worthy and should get him a nomination at the very least.

Here is the interesting bit of news, the film will be on limited release in the U.S. just so it would qualify for the Academy Awards but will have a much bigger release in 2010.

Stay tuned for my post movie review and recommendation.

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