Avatar – Post Viewing

When the movie Avatar was announced and trailers released all around the globe, I decided to wait until I saw the movie in order to put in my two cents worth. And I must say, ladies and gentlemen, put on your seat belts, arms and legs inside, head back, relax and enjoy, you are about to experience the ride of your life for sure.

James Cameron’s Avatar lived up to it’s hype and expectation and a little bit more. From the moving story to the wonderful film and movie techniques, it was very difficult to see anything wrong with the film. However, if I have to jot down anything to give my readers a sense of what to expect. I must say the 155 minute movie was a cross between cowboys and Indians, Star Wars and Transformer all wrapped up in one and believe me it worked just fine. The war scene toward the end could have been shorter but I suppose when you are investing the sort of money to get the point across and make a movie of this caliber, you must make your point clearly.

What was the most fascinating for me was the feeling I got as if I were on another planet myself experiencing what Jake (Sam Worthington) was experiencing. The only difference was I knew from the beginning that sky people (mankind) was the bad and the beings on Pandora had to be saved, there was not a question in my mind as to where my loyalty lay should I be given the choice.

The thing is a movie of this nature is in a league of it’s own and cannot be fairly compared to the list HFPA (Golden Globe Awards) put out for the Best Motion Film nominations. Avatar is up for Best Motion Film along with Up In The Air, Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds and Precious. However, the best original score in my opinion should go to Avatar from the list of nominees.

Anyway, see it for sure. It’s an original, beautiful and amazing film worth every penny.

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