Serious Moonlight – Post Viewing

It’s always interesting to see actors branch out into directing movies after making a name for themselves and so one of those resent actor turned part time director is Cheryl Hines (Ugly Truth). I am not sure if the movie Serious Moonlight is her first best or mediocre last? Nonetheless, the movie is out now in theatres with a title that somehow doesn’t fit the storyline very well in my opinion and I think that may harm the movie more than help it from a marketing perspective.

The movie, starring Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton seems like a sequel to the movie French Kiss. Meaning, had Hutton’s character from French Kiss married Meg Ryan’s then character as he was suppose to, this movie would have been part II of that story.

Here is the best part though, the movie is really good. It’s about a couple, once again faced with infidelity. But this time, and what makes this movie interesting is, the wife (Ryan) instead of walking away, decides to make her husband fall back in love with her in the most unusual way. Hence, the good plot, very rewarding dialogue and an amazing ending to say the least.

I do recommend this movie for all the grown ups, however, it’s not meant for the young and foolish in love. And I do want to say that it’s nice to see Ryan and Hutton together again working their magic. So, if you don’t make it to theatre to see it, for sure add it to your Netflix’s list of movies to see.

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