Golden Globes – Behind The Scenes

As I reported before that I would be at the Golden Globes seeing the stars, making my own evaluation and reporting back to you. Well the kicker was the awful downpour and the struggle all of us reporters and bystanders experienced in getting a glimpse or two of the stars prior to the awards. It was most frustrating and disappointing to say the least. Pictures were impossible and glimpses very limited thanks to umbrellas and jackets over heads and so on.

I rushed back to my hotel, soaking wet, so I could view the awards in the comfort of my “home” but because of the weather, had trouble with cable as well. However I didn’t give up, I watched the awards with poor quality television and stayed online to keep abreast of all the winners and the show.

I think this year’s Golden Globes Award was the best I have seen, the awards presented and the gratitude speeches very well controlled with minimal drama. I was completely disappointed with Ricky Gervais even though I was looking forward to him hosting the show. I think he needs to stay behind the scenes and we need to find another host.

From the ceremony show what stood out the most were the following:

Best acceptance Speech: Meryl Streep
Most Uptight: Jennifer Aniston
Goofiest: Drew Barrymore
Recycled speech: Jason Reitman
Well rehearsed speech” Martin Scorcese
Least impressive host: Ricky Gervais
Most flustered and sloppy look: Julia Roberts
Sex Goddess as usual: Halle Barry

At 8p.m. after announcing the last category, I rushed back to the Beverly Hilton hotel to see the stars exit the ceremony and believe me what a show that was. I think nothing can beat the behind the scenes show, it was the best and most memorable for me.

I stood at the red carpet and along side of me were the following actors struggling to get into their cars while it downpoured nonstop.

Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock, Sophia Bush, Colin Firth, Jason Reitman, Mario Lopez, Zack Effron, David Arquette and Courtney Cox, Gerard Butler, Patricia Arquette, Bill Paxton, Michael C Hall, Quintan Terrentino, Jenna Fisher, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, David Duchovny and Tea Leone, Heather Graham, Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell, Kevin Connolly, Nancy Meyers, Tracy Morgan, Julianna Reznick, Christoph Waltz, Mark Moses, Jeremy Renner, Michelle (potty mouth) Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver along with many more to list.

It was amazing standing at curbside and observing, because I was able to see the stars as they really are and of course we all know that they are all human beings and act as normal as can be when the cameras are off. So this part of the show was the best part of the show.

So, from the red carpet what stood out the most:

Female celebrity running to their limo’s without shoes on
Every other male celebrity lighting up a cigarette
Alot of swearing to get their way
Cops reminding them that they are just like the rest of us
Drinking from an open container at curbside while waiting for limo’s and smoking cigars
Deciding which after party to meet at
Undernourished male actors shorter than I am, pale and sleepy eyed
Wonderful expensive aromas of perfume emanating from every female star.
Gorgeous gowns and beautiful jewelry and six plus inch heels soaked from the rain.

Too wet, windy and dark to take good pictures with flash and too nice not to flash in their eyes as they struggled to get into their limos.

By 1:30a.m. the crowd died down and I decided to head back to my hotel satisfied to have experienced the behind the scenes at The Golden Globes Awards.

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