Ghost Whisperer – TV Show/Movie Review

Here is a thing I vowed not to ever do and that is TV series discussions or episode reviews, but I just can’t help this one. Ghost Whisperer episode referred to as FREE FALL.

The show was a two part, shown back to back on television on Tuesday 1/26/10 and it was as if I were watching a movie. I was glad they showed the episodes back to back because I couldn’t bear to wait until the following week to see the conclusion and I must say it was the best television show (which felt like a movie) episode I have seen in a long time.

The story is about a dead pilot who appears and speaks to Jennifer Love-Hewett’s character hours before the plane crashes just outside of the small town she lives in, called Grandview Park. He appears to her and asks for help and direction and while she tries to call for help the plane crashes and all 250 passengers die.

As the town reaches out to the families to help them through their grief and locate bodies and handle the investigation, Hewett’s character finds herself helping the ghosts from the crash cope with their deaths and move toward their final resting place.

It was a gripping story, very interesting, heart breaking with an amazing ending that leaves you in tears and in shock. Never mind Love-Hewett and the rest of the casts poor acting, the story makes it all worth while.

Take it from me. I recommend this 2 hour episode and hope you are able to find it and see it in your neck of the woods. Believe me you won’t regret it.

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