Extract – Why The Movie Flopped?

At the time the movie Extract was announced I was really really happy for Jason Bateman because I felt it was time for him to have a starring role in a movie and from the preview and trailer I was somewhat convinced it was a fair enough movie to check out and it was. I liked it enough.

But since I watch movies past the basics, I realized why this particular one didn’t do so well. It wasn’t so much the story, because it was humorous enough, and it wasn’t the plot either, it was pretty creative and as for the line up past Bateman, it was mediocre but a doable ensemble no less. The problem with the movie was Bateman, he just wasn’t ready to take the lead in a movie. He does a wonderful job being someones side kick or having a small part here and there but an entire movie in a leading role position did not pan out so well for him.

I think I was expecting him to be a bit more wound up as an owner of a factory and a husband of a cheating wife, but instead we got a passive character with no fire or passion in his eyes. He performed his role as if he were directing the movie in front of the camera and that, was the downfall of Extract in my opinion.

The movie is out on DVD and on Netflix. Watch it and let me know what you think?

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