When In Rome – Movie Review

Sometimes we opt to see movies for all the wrong reasons. Such as location of film, or an actor we liked in a TV show and want to see their debut on the big screen, or because there is nothing else to see at the moment. At least those are my excuses for having seen the movie When In Rome.

I am not really sure where director Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider) was going with the film, but he just never got there. The movie, to start with, should have been titled When in New York or At the Guggenheim instead of When In Rome, since approximately only 12 minutes of the film was actually shot at one location (Pantheon) in Rome. Second, the story was chaotic and all over the place, the editing was choppy and lacked style. The experience felt more like a bad roller coaster ride than anything else.

Aside from being a really bad movie,Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell’s performance was pretty disappointing as well. They were not the right match for this film and as a result lacked onscreen chemistry. As for the supporting cast, I am not even going to talk about their mediocre performances.

If you fast forward the movie to about midway through, you will find one funny scene. It is when Duhamel and Bell’s characters go to a restaurant in New York, where they are seated in complete darkness as they dine in order to get in touch with all their senses and truly appreciate their meals. That scene was pretty funny and original, that was it.

My suggestion is that if you are a Kirsten Bell fan and want to see her best performance to date, I recommend the movie Serious Moonlight. As for Josh Duhamel, handsome as he may be, the TV show Vegas is where he fits in best for now.

I say don’t bother seeing the movie or renting it when it comes out on DVD very shortly.

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