How To Train Your Dragon – Movie Review

Yes, I did see How To Train Your Dragon and yes I loved it. The movie by Dreamworks is of course in 3D and in my opinion most entertaining and humorous.

The story is about young Hiccup, a Viking in the making, who is trying desperately to fit into his father’s world by becoming a full fledged Viking. However, being a Viking in training can be pretty challenging and demanding especially when you have to kill dragons in order to survive and receive your Viking-ship.

Faced with his Father’s demands and expectations, and disappointed in himself for not being able to deliver what is asked of him, Hiccup realizes he must find a way to prove himself in order to be accepted by the villagers and be daubed a true Viking.

Little does he know that what he is about to learn, he cannot learn from his instructor but rather from the dragon himself.

What I gathered here is that it really doesn’t matter that these animated stories are all one and the same, what matters is the new and creative ways they continue to find to tell the same story over and over again. One thing I was concerned with however, is that I am not sure if this movie is really for the young viewers. I think the story may be above their heads, but then again to each his own and parents can use their judgement to decide if their child will get anything out of the story. Nevertheless, adults who are young at heart will definitely enjoy the movie.

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