Chloe – Movie Review

The movie Chloe is a remake of the French movie “Natalie” and is based on a married woman (Julianne Moore) who hires a prostitute (Amanda Seyfried) to proposition her husband (Liam Neeson) in order to determine if he is having an affair.

Through the wife’s investigation she ends up in a tangled affair with the prostitute herself and the findings about her husband, although unbelievable in my opinion, do not turn out to be as she had thought at first. I suppose hence, the suspense, the drama, and thriller genre for this film.

Atom Egoyan’s (director) attempt at the French remake was simply entertaining to say the most and not as good as the French version, in my opinion. His approach made it difficult for the viewer to believe the husband’s innocence and wondered why the prostitute did what she did in order to get together with the wife. The questions were never answered or clarified and thus the movie just played out into a disappointing ending.

I do remember this was the time Liam Neeson’s wife Natasha Richardson passed away as a result of a freak skiing accident so I am not sure if his performance or lack there of was a result of his grief (understandably so) but Moore and Seyfried’s performance was mediocre and obviously uncomfortably out of their realm, but I suppose kudos are in order for trying.

The film has strong sexual contents and nudity and could be a good rental on a rainy Saturday night.

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