Letters To Juliet Movie Review

I hate to admit the fact I was impatiently waiting for the movie Letters to Juliet to hit the theatres May 2010 and when I finally saw the film, I must say I was disappointed with the end product.

I understand that sometimes, due to time limitation, most films could not be as detail oriented or explicit as the book it is based on. However, most of them manage to get the story across to the audience within the 112minute window. But not in the case of Letters to Juliet. In my opinion, no matter how much effort Gary Winick made in directing the film, it just wasn’t quality work.

The story is about a young girl (Amanda Seyfierd) who travels to Verona with her neurotic fiancee in order to take a pre-wedding honeymoon since he was due to open a restaurant in New York after the wedding and was unable to take a honeymoon then. Feeling mislead with the “honeymoon” she decides to tour Verona on her to and discovers a wall where women across the world leave letters to Juliet – From Romeo and Juliet.

Without giving away the entire story to those unfamiliar with the novel, she ends up getting caught up in helping one woman, who left a letter 50 years ago, get together with her long lost love. Meanwhile, she discovers that she was missing true love in her own life.

Anyway, the landscape and set location for the film was the best part of the entire film. Acting was less than mediocre and it felt as if I were watching a Hallmark movie made for television more so than the big screen.

The funny thing is, although the movie wasn’t up to par, I still think it is a good mother-daughter movie rental on some rainy night. As for the men, please feel free to skip it, my better half fell asleep through the entire movie.

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