Cyrus – An Independent Film

I think I am as much a fan of independent film as Marisa Tomei is and what is an added bonus is that she happens to star in a good number of them and I continue to watch every single one of them.

With that said, I have found another one of her upcoming films titled Cyrus, which opens on Friday in New York and Los Angeles as usual and then perhaps it will hit a good number of theatres across the country. The story, from the Duplass brothers, is about a middle aged man (John C. Reilly) , who after a divorce has a difficult time meeting women. No surprise there of course. What sets this film apart from the usual suspects is that when he finally meets the woman of his dreams (Marisa Tomei) he discovers that she has a grown son (Jonah Hill). who has a troubling bond with his mother.

From what I read and seen so far, I think the compilation of good actors (which this film has), along with a solid script (which this movie has) will make for a good movie. I am looking forward to the day Cyrus opens in San Francisco so I can have the opportunity to see some quality work after a number of predictable bads thus far this year.

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