All About Steve – Movie Review

I had put off watching All About Steve because in the back of my head I just didn’t feel it would do Bullock justice after The Blind Side. Anyway, this week the movie is on HBO and so while sitting in a hotel room on a rainy day in Los Angeles, I decided to watch the movie.

To my surprise, I actually liked it and spend the entire 90plus minutes laughing throughout the entire film. In my opinion, comedy is Bullock’s expertise and hence is the best and most natural performance by her.
All About Steve is about a middle aged crossword puzzle creator (Sandra Bullock) desperate to find a mate, is convinced after one night with a blind date with a “CCN” (CNN) cameraman (Bradley Cooper), that he is her perfect match. She does everything in her power to stalk him and along the way makes some interesting discoveries about herself and the cameraman.
The funny thing is, the main cast (Thomas Haden Church, Bradley Cooper, Ken Cheong) along with Sandra Bullock meshed so well together that it was well worth the while to follow their performance and chuckle at their creative and funny dialogue.
I do recommend the film to anyone interested in a good laugh without worrying about quality filmmaking. So see it on HBO or rent it on Netflix, either way it’s worth the few bucks.

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