Trust – Premieres At The Toronto International Film Festival 2010

I have been waiting for the film TRUST from director David Schwimmer (Friends) for a while now, not only because my most admired actor, Clive Owen is starring in it but because I am happy that a film about this particular topic is made.

There is no doubt in my mind that the performance Owen gives will be less than perfect, as usual, but also from what I have seen with the trailer, newcomer, the young actor portraying the daughter/victim, Liana Liberato, is one to watch for as well.
Films of this caliber and nature are not very difficult to conjure up since the fear factor is all around us on a daily basis and I think, although the tone is similar to that of the film TAKEN with Liam Neeson’s character as the focal point, it is different in the sense both parents are a basic couple living in Suburbia anywhere, USA and are more the center of attention, along with their daughter and a slew of supporting cast members in their quest for justice for the young victim, victimized by an online child predator.
Anyway, the film is scheduled for showing at the Toronto International Film Festival September 9-19, 2010 and is one of the GALA presented films.

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