Hangover 2 In The Making – Why I ask?

 Good news or bad, it’s been confirmed that they are going to make Hangover 2. It will be filmed in Bangkok and the three main actors are currently on board (Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianankis).Filming will begin later this month and the scheduled release date is May 2011. Oh and please note Mr. Chow will make an appearance no doubt.

I did see the first one and liked it, not loved it, but just liked it. So from my perspective I just don’t really see a need for H2 unless they plan to have another bachelor party for someone else in the group, namely Ed Helm’s character, who was I believe engaged in the first one. 
Although I can see the script now, with massage parlors, running through the streets naked (Galifianankis) and a run in with the mob for one reason or another but really, how can you outdo a stand alone movie such as Hangover 1 which had pretty much a dead end storyline?  But I guess there is interest and opportunity to make a few more bucks, so here’s to franchising!

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