Golden Globe 2011- Wrap Up

Although I had my own predictions for the Golden Globe 2011 winners, I was on most part satisfied with the results. I actually got seven out of 11 categories correct for Film (I hate to admit it I am not much of a TV fan) so I guess it was a pretty fair show.

As expected, Natalie Portman’s win was not a surprise, Colin Firth was for sure the best choice. What surprised me the most was David Fincher’s win for best director for The Social Network. I think the script for the film was what made it great. In my opinion, the best director should have gone to Christopher Nolan for Inception.

Added to my surprise was Paul Giamatti’s win for Best Actor in Comedy, I would have liked to see Geoffrey Rush take the award for that category. The sad affair in my opinion was Robert DeNiro’s speech for the Cecil b DeMille award and Natalie Portman’s speech when she won the Best Actress in Drama award.

Ricky Gervais was Ricky Gervais and I do have my opinion of him actually hosting the awards (from last year as well), but then again there was probably no one else willing to do the job, so be it. Outside of that, there wasn’t much to brag nor gossip about. The show was pretty quick and to the point.

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