Just Go With It – Film Review

You know I can’t help but think, wow, the film Just Go With It breaks every ethical rule most Americans pretend to abide by, but from where I am sitting, I can honestly say the movie was not only hilarious but also down right entertaining, in a silly kind of way.  A while back I predicted this film would revive Sander and Aniston’s career and in my opinion, it did just that.

Now, I suggest  keeping an open mind and remembering the Rock Hudson and Doris Day chemistry, when watching Sandler and Aniston together in the film.  This is by far, their most relaxed and natural performance to date. I suppose it helps that they have been friends for over 20 years. My friends, chemistry is really important on screen to make any movie worth our while.

I don’t know if I need to give you a quick synopsis of the film, but just in case you missed the ads and trailer  and so on, the film is about a plastic surgeon (Sandler) who, in light of avoiding a commitment with a woman, tells them he is married, until of course he meets a young woman(), who might just be the right one for him. He turns to his assistant (Aniston) to assist with pretending to be his ex wife, in order to win the girl over and so, the story begins with silly little tricks and lies and games and so forth, but what makes it entertaining and adorable is the fact, like I said earlier, the two actors reminding me of Doris Day and Rock Hudson. You have got to admit their films were also silly but entertaining and we all loved to watch them on screen together no matter what.

Anyway, that is all I am going to say. See the film and be entertained. It’s definitely a fun treat sans Friends.

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