The Adjustment Bureau – Film Review

From the trailer a few months or so ago and all that I have heard and read about the film, I can honestly say I was more than ready  to see the completed project.

First of all, I should probably clarify the film since there is alot of specualtion and confusion about what the film is really about. And usually when the audience is confused or not clear enough about a film, they tend to avoid it and hence the poor box office results even though the film has substance.

The Adjustment Bureau is about an aspiring politician named David (Matt Damon) who, subconsiously, deviates from the plan in order to pursue a relationship with the woman of his dreams. The idea of the film is allready pretty creative in my opinion, and I would say almost unique. No other film (please feel free to remind me) comes close to this particular storyline. Anyway, as  he gears up to campaign for a seat in the senate, periodically and against all odds  he runs into “the woman”, Elise (Emily Blunt)  and soon is distracted from his goal of becoming a politician.

The being from above decides to send his watchmen or, angels if you are religious, down to earth in order to get David back on track. The watchmen do everything in their power to keep David and Elise apart until the battle between fate and destiny puts everyone in a chase for the win.

I must say I was completely intrigued by how the film panned out. George Nolfi did a pretty good job writing the script and directing the film. All questions were clearly answered and the story well documented. What I truly enjoyed was watching the chemistry between Damon and Blunt, and although their exchange of conversation was a bit cheesy and juvenile at times, the impact of their love for one another was evident in the end result of the film. There was an underlying comedy as well to watch for throughout the entire film. A good touch so not to offend any religion or the believers.

I am not saying please run out to the theatres to see the film but I am highly recommending it because of the originality of the story and the twist on the human faith and their forever attempt to continuously challenge the higher powers above.

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