Limitless – Film Review

Bravo, well done!!! comes to mind for the film Limitless. I must admit, I had no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t like the film, but what I didn’t consider was how well Bradley Cooper portrayed his character. So for me, it was a win win all around.

The film, as some of you may or may not know, is about a down on his luck writer named Eddie Morra, who, after losing most anything that is precious to him, finds solace in a tiny pill designed to utilize your brain to full capacity. As a result of his new found “Limitless” power, Morra’s character  finds his true calling, which ultimately leads to his  success in life.

Now, besides the fact, director Neil Burger was able to translate a well written script unto film, I have to say, it is the well suited role for Cooper to portray the main character (Eddie Morra) that makes it all worth while.  In my opinion, this is his best so far, outside of comedy that is

I must add here, although as you watch the film, you are completely engrossed in the subject matter and the plot, one can’t help but realize Limitless is  a modern day version of most comic book stories with an insecure nobody turned to fearless hero or is he? (in this case) Only time will tell, but I do project a sequel, if Burger is able to get the backing to do so. He must have a worthy script and Cooper’s commitment to come back. That is the only way the film could continue.

Anyway, I recommend it, but leave the kids at home. This is definitely not a film for anyone under the age of18.

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