Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gerard Butler – Playing The Filed

Currently filming is the movie “Playing The Field.” A story about a pro soccer player (Gerard Butler) who, after living a playboy-sh lifestyles returns home to repair relations with his wife (Jessica Biel)  and son. What better way to do this than to coach his son’s soccer team to show his commitment to his family life. However, he neglected to take into account the mothers who will challege that fact(played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Judy Greer, Uma Thurman) 
I guess comedy is Butler’s genre or perhaps the fact, he plays goofball so well, this may be yet another notch to his belt of mediocre comedy films. It’s okay, the films may not do well, but it is totally entertaining watching him play a womanizer, a playboy, a soccer player. I guess, past 300 it’s all fair game. But if you want  a prelude to  Butler portraying a soccer player in his current film, then consider renting The Game Of Their Lives
As for Catherine Zeta-Jones, glad to see her involved in a project and comedy, at this stage in her life, it is probably the best therapy.  
The film is due out in 2012, stay tuned, I think it’s going to be pretty entertaining. 

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