Thor – Film Review

The movie Thor was one I knew I had to see and just to help you understand my decision. It was for the fact, the film is  based on a superhero character introduced to us by Marvel comics, which is based on  Thor of Norse Mythology (Norse mythology are the religious beliefs of Norse pagans. It flourished during and after the Christianization of Scandinavia, during the High Middle Ages, and passed into Nordic folklore, with some aspects surviving to the modern day. The mythology from the Romanticist Viking revival came to be aninfluence on modern literature and popular culture – Wiki)

Anyway, outside of the trivia  associated with the character, I wanted to also see Kenneth Branagh’s work.

However, putting all that aside, first of all I want to say the  film was all in all pretty well done. There were definitely some over the top parts and even a few boring ones, but in general terms, we got the picture (if you know what I mean).

Rewind to the synopsis: The story is about Thor (Chris Hemsworth), an arrogant warrior from the realm of Asgard, who is stripped of his powers by his father  (Anthony Hopkins) and sent to live on Earth as punishment for administering poor judgement skills during negotiations with the enemy.  While Thor struggles to survive on planet earth, his adopted brother, Loki plans on taking over the realm after his father’s passing. When Thor discovers his brother’s plans, he does everything in his power to return to Asgard and save his father’s kingdom. However, he is torn between his duty and the “Jane Foster” (Natalie Portman) he meets on Earth and falls in love with

The best part of the film is of course watching Thor adapt to his new lifestyle on Earth. The worst part is sitting through some extended play scenes which could have been edited out. Branagh opted for a humorous approach to tell his story, but not sure if this choice worked in his favor or against him.

I completely understand adding humor to Thor’s struggles on Earth and even the humans reaction to Thor’s presence on Earth. But I cannot imagine the FBI or CIA having a sense of humor while investigating Thor’s crash landing unto Earth, along with his special hammer and the decisions they made at the end of the day.

Now don’t go in to see the film, thinking any one actor gave their best performances, because that truly was not the case here. Everyone earned their paychecks and that was the end of it. Special effects is truly not Branagh’s forte and that was also evident throughout the film.

But, I do recommend the film. It was most enjoyable and entertaining for what it’s worth.

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