The Mechanic – Jason Statham or Ben Foster

After seeing a chain of disaster films with Jason Statham the last two years or so, I was somewhat “fickle” about seeing The Mechanic. So,  I waited for it to go to DVD and then rented it from the Red Box. Safe bet, you might say but  I had no idea that I was in for the surprise of my life.

I actually loved the film and am extremely happy that it caught me so off guard, the way that it did.

Normally Statham’s film go like this. He is an ex something or another, who is often times hired by the bad guys to do a job for alot of money.  The set up is always the same, the acting very Statham-like (it’s the best way I can describe it) a little bit of Stallone and Schwarzenegger with a much hotter actor to play the role.

However, although, The Mechanic was one of the usual films, where Statham could play the role with his eyes closed, what I found refreshing in this case, was the fact he had an apprentice.  The amazing part is it was Ben Foster, who, in my opinion outperformed Statham in the film and I can honestly say, if it weren’t for him, The Mechanic wouldn’t have been as good as it was.

There are alot of interesting and yet predictable scenes but the way the story unfolds, director Simon West made sure we remained on the edge of our seats throughout the entire flick.

I highly recommend the film and want to say that I am hoping Ben Foster’s character is revamped and recycled for The Mechanic 2 (hopefully). Take note Simon West

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