Indie Film: A Love Affair Of Sorts

Unusual in film making is always the most entertaining and filming a movie on a  flip camera and having it shown in theatres is probably the best thing that could ever happen to any aspiring director/actor/screenwriter or NOT.

While I searched for pure entertainment in film making this past week, I cam across the film A Love Affair of Sorts and felt it was worthy of a mention on my blog.

First of all, the film is about a man (David Guy Levy) and a woman (Lili Bordan) who meet through a shop lifting experience in a bookstore and become a couple through their unique connection. Since he films every move they make on a flip camera, the couple comes to terms with the fact, they cannot function under normal circumstances (without the camera).

The film is made entirely by David Guy Levy and Lili Bordan) an is released into theatres on June 24. Check it out

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