All Good Things – Film Review

All Good Things is a film apparently based on a chain of mysterious events which took place over the course of several years and in various parts of the U.S., surrounding one troubled wealthy young man named David Marks.

I decided to get the synopsis out of the way before I voice my two cents worth. First of all, I want to say I chose to see this film without knowing anything about it and only when it came out on rental. Second, I have trouble sitting through a movie with Ryan Gosling and/or Kirsten Dust so I saved the worse actors for last in the list of must see films.

I have to mention that  since the story was based on actual events, it was very difficult to pretend  the brutal murders were simply a re-enactment. It was, for me at least, a reminder of The Lovely Bones (a film I am trying desperately to put out of my mind for the past year). I had no idea how chilling the story was and although I don’t really care much for the actors involved, their depiction of the actual individuals disturbing characteristics were relayed to the audience clearly.

Thumbs up for the film, I do recommend it, just keep the kids out of the room and watch it with a friend.

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