The Adventures of Tintin – A Sneak Peak – Movie Trailer

My eyes lit up like a 7 year old on Christmas morning when I saw the first trailer release for the long awaited Tintin. A film by Steven Spielberg, which I have been waiting for since the day they announced the project. What caught me by surprise of course is the fact the film will be released December 2011. I think originally it was slotted for  2012 release. Maybe it was a typo or misinformation a year or so ago, but glad to know it is now only months away.  I am okay with it.

Although I have my reservations of Tintin’s impact on the U.S. market, I am certain it will be a big hit most anywhere else around the world familiar with Tintin. In my opinion, Tintin was the first Harry Potter and Indiana Jones all rolled up in one. And from what I can see with the trailer it will be an amazing film.

Thank you Steven Spielberg for bringing a piece of my childhood to life. Enjoy the trailer.

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