A Little Help -Indie Filme with Jenna Fischer

Having been a fan of The Office, I have to say I am happy for several members of the cast who are graduating from television and going unto making films. First of course, Steve Carrell, then John Krasinski, and now Jenna Fischer. If I am not mistaken just about everyone else on the show has also been in a film or two in recent years.

But since I am talking about Jenna Fischer at this moment, I want to introduce an indie film called A Little Help, in which she has a starring role. The film opens July 22nd (U.S.)

The synopsis: A dedicated wife and mother (Jenna Fischer) finds out her husband (Chris O”Donnell) is having an affair and while confronting him, he drops dead. Although she has her way of coping with his death and indiscretions, their son decides in order to deal with his loss, he would tell everyone his father was a firefighter who died during 911. Meanwhile, her parents arrive for moral support and to lend a hand in raising her son.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think? I say it’s too close to home


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