Green Lantern – Sequel Bust

Lately, what has stirred up my curiosity is the fact, how some studios plan to make sequels for films which either don’t really cut it at the box office or are barely profitable.

This is the case for The Green Lantern, which with 3D and all, didn’t do so well at the box office. It has grossed only 154Million worldwide to their original budget of 300Million (200M For production and 100M for marketing). Nonetheless, Warner Brothers has decided to proceed with a sequel.

Not sure what more can be done to drum up interest in the Green Lantern. I think we are on comic book turned film overload and since, in my opinion, 3D is almost on the verge of becoming a thing of the past, the two factors combined may very well work against a profitable sequel.

What say you on this subject? I would love to hear some feedback. Any takers?

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