Cowboys and Aliens – Film Review

I love it when the intro to any movie says, from the director of ….. comes …. because that usually sets the tone for the film, but only if you happen to be a die hard film critic at heart, otherwise a movie is just a movie and only gains popularity from the view of a moviegoer, good director or not.

Anyway, From the director of Iron Man, Jon Favreau, is the film Cowboys and Aliens and I am not sure what to say except for the fact, outside of the originality of the storyline, the film wasn’t as good as I had hoped, even if it’s currently number 1 at the box office opening weekend.

You see, it starts out promising with a Bond-like movie opening, a Bourne Identity introduction to the character, but somewhere down the line or let’s just say the entire film thereafter, it loses the lustre slowly but surely, making the film a bit boring, no matter how comedic the script was.

The thing about Favreau’s work is, again in my opinion, that his imagination takes over his directing techniques and oddly enough, in this case,  it worked against him. Meaning, he starts out with a clear vision and then adds a little bit of this and that to it, to the point that  by the end of the film, it’s more of a child’s interpretation of how it should pan out while he plays with his plastic toy figures, rather than a well orchestrated film.

I can honestly say, the dragonfly alien ships, the beehive-like contraption where the aliens melted the gold (for what reason, I probably missed it) and the bat-like characteristics of the aliens, where they lived in caves and sucked blood from human. These were all a nice touch, of course outside of the cowboys and alien connection, so for that I give Favreau 2 stars.

As far as the actors are concerned (Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell), their performance was less than mediocre, considering we have seen the best of the best from all three of them in the past. Olivia Wilde surely has a long way to go and seemed completely out of place in this film.

I say see it, only if you have nothing else to do or have seen the rest of the films which are out right now.But in all reality you can actually wait until it is out on DVD. 

By the way, it was interesting to discover Steven Spielberg was the executive producer of the film.

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