Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler – Sneak Peak

I haven’t reported much about Gerard Butler since the release of the awful film, Bounty Hunger, with Jennifer Aniston. I can honestly say I was disappointed in his work since, well since, well come to think of it for a while now. I know he is a talented and driven actor but not sure why he just wasn’t getting the right roles or maybe he was and I just wasn’t seeing it.

Anyway, I heard about Machine Gun Preacher last year, when he travelled to Africa to shoot the film and since there wasn’t much said about the film, I waited by the sidelines to see what comes of it.

Well, to make a long story short, I located a trailer and although, I understand the basics of the story, I think his performance may put him back on the raider, outside of the groupies that is. Watch and let me know what you think?

Just an observation: The film poster design and color is a bit like the film poster for 300

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