The Killer Elite – Film Review

With all due respect to Mr DeNiro, Mr Owen and Mr Statham,  I must say, I didn’t  like the film The Killer Elite 2011. Which I knew was going to happen, simply because of the bits and pieces I saw from the trailer.

First of all, when a film is based on real life events, it is always wise to take into consideration what frame of mind  the modern world is in before releasing such a story to the moviegoers. I suppose I am taking this to heart, but the subject matter was really difficult to accept, considering what Statham’s character chose to do in order to save his “aging” mentor from the hands of the terrorist. But, even if the subject matter wasn’t a problem, the quality of the film was the worst I have seen in a while.

I think director Gary McKendry missed his mark on many counts. Poor directing, poor acting and super rehearsed action scenes, along with a pour script, untimely humor and a female love interest who didn’t belong in the story nor made any important impact on Statham’s character.

I give the film 2 thumbs down and truly don’t recommend it to anyone. I think even if you are a De Niro or Statham fan, this film will truly disappoint, it is not their best and I am really trying to avoid mentioning Owen’s ugly mustache, which made matters worst than it already is.

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