Angelina Jolie Directorial Debute

For a long while now I have been following Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut news. The first thing that interested me about the film, of course,  was the fact she intended to make a film about what she is familiar with, on camera and behind the scenes as a UN goodwill embassador and spokesperson.

It was announced during the Cannes film festival that the film “In The Land of Blood and Honey” which revolves around the Bosnian war of 1990, will reach the US market late December 2011.

The film originally received much criticism as a result of the delicate subject matter, where it was reported the story revolved around  a Bosnian rapist who falls for his Muslim victim.  Back then, Jolie and her entourage denied the speculations and moved forward with the plans, stating the film, which was penned by Jolie, is the story of how the war impacted the lives of those living through the trauma.

Either way, we will see for ourselves what the synopsis is and I am sure, shortly the first trailer will make its way to the internet. Stay tuned.

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